Parrot Sanctuary

In the 1980's, large hookbills such as macaws, cockatoos and amazon parrots were considered the ultimate pet.  Parrots are colorful, clever birds that can learn to talk and possibly live 50 to a 100 years! Sounds like the perfect companion right? Unfortunately, that just isn't true. 

Anyone caring for a large hookbill has learned through experience that parrots are one of the most difficult pets to manage. Parrots can often be very demanding, both of time and attention of the caregivers. These birds quickly learn to squawk, bite, screech, and destroy furniture in an attempt  to get their needs met.  Acts of desperation on the part of the bird often lead to neglect or abuse.  A garage or a dark bedroom is not a suitable environment for these intelligent and social birds! 

In stark contrast, there are many people who have embraced their colorful feathered friends as treasured part of their families for decades.  

Over the years, a reoccurring concern and question of those that know the special care and attention it takes to properly care for parrots is "what will happen if my bird(s) outlive me or I am no longer able to take care of them"? 

That is why we are developing Friends4Pets Parrot Sanctuary.

 Having dedicated our lives to caring for, working with, and training large and small parrots (, it is our vision to provide a one of a kind Sanctuary that will provide our feathered residents with the best possible long term care and life.  We are currently working hard to complete our goals for our special feathered friends.

Now that we are in our new location in the South County, we have several large indoor and outdoor aviaries in the works!  Our property has plenty of space for us to create a safe environment where the birds can climb, play, fly and be birds.  Individual large, safe, high quality housing is imperative each bird's comfort  (for resting and eating). The parrots will daily human interaction and access to a diet of fresh veggies, fruit, nuts and a recommended pellet base food.  

With the knowledge and expertise we have compiled in over 25 years of daily caring for our own cherished friends, we will have the ability to provide best possible care not only for treasured pet birds, but also for parrots we rescue due to unforseen circumstances, neglect or abuse. 

Donations made through Friends4Pets Sanctuary will help us in our quest to raise funds for future aviaries, housing, vet cost and daily maintenance at the sanctuary. Volunteers will be welcome after the final building stages.

Parrots deemed 'unadoptable' can be assured a forever home in a comfortable and natural setting, with the best possible care. 

To find out more about the Cardoza's sanctuary, feel free to call 408-268-0778, or email Ed and Julie through their Happy Birds website or direct: 



Biggie is a 36 year old Milatery Macaw. This awesome bird is extreamely self confidant, friendly and smart. He came to us with an eye infection which we were able to clear up. His social nature and disposition suggest that he may be ready for show business with the Happy Birds.